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why are east asian women more submissive and feminine?

Published May 16, 2013 by nojennynow

That fact that east asian women are more submissive, more feminine, and therefore, more attractive as potential mating partners are so versimiliar and notionally pervasive that it has become politically incorrect to state this obvious fact.  In fact, as someone who has lived in the United States for the last 10 years, I can say with certitude that any statement regarding any subject becomes factually true when the statement has become politically incorrect to be uttered.  People in America think that they alone possess the freedom of speech unlike everyone else in the world, and yet it is in this country that just about any true statement is politically incorrect.  So even though almost every single NBA basketball player is black, it is politically incorrect to assume that black people are good at basketball; even though much of the world wealth are controlled in 1% of the population, we shudder to proclaim the name of this group of people, and of course when the word is uttered, the utterer is immediately labeled an antisemite.  America is ridiculous, but I live in America; furthermore I live in an America-dominated world order, so I have no choice than to submit to its domination until my next conqueror arrives.

But in the meanwhile let’s strip bare the political mumbo jumbo and let’s ask ourselves truly why are asian women really more submissive and feminine.

There are several factors not the least of which has to do with race.  East Asiatic race has less sexual dimorphism.  That means asian men and women are less biologically distinct as compared to men and women of another race.  This is very important because it seems to me that western men tend to focus on east asian women only and they observe while we are indeed submissive, they utterly fail to observe the same behavior in east asian men.  For example, while it is indeed true that submissive asian women are highly prized as sexual mates for straight men, submissive asian men are similarly high prized as sexual mates for gay top men.  Lesbian females seem also particularly interested in asian men.  Asian men in general look much more feminine compared to men of other races and they can be similarly submissive.  This would obviously impact the role of an asian woman since by default an asian woman must be more submissive and more feminine than an asian man.

So what contributes to an asian woman’s submissive behavior and most feminine physique?

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  I am not a scientist and this is just what I know and what I derived logically.

Diet: rice as well as soy beans tend to have less protein and more estrogen, and if you are what you eat, then you will be more feminine in appearance because of the higher level of estrogen and less development of muscles.  There are some debates as to whether or not it’s true … but look around, east asians, regardless of gender, are usually very feminine and shorter.  If it’s not what you eat, then I don’t know what it is.

Culture:  It certainly has to do with culture, i.e., Confucianism. Confucianism singlehandedly influenced not only China, but Japan, Korea as well as southeast asians.  Confucianism is to Asia as Christianity is to Europe, and Confucian influence, whether good or bad, is enormous.  However, the problem with Confucianism is that modern asians never quite grew out of it.  For Christianity there are plenty of opponents since the 1500s from Martin Luther to Voltaire to James Joyce.  Fundamentally I see West’s gaining supremacy really stemmed from its departure from Christianity, and not because of Christianity.  So the problem with Confucianism is that the Confucian set of beliefs has been so deeply rooted and ingrained for so long it had a corrosive effect on East Asia as a whole.  Japan was the first one to escape from Confucianism starting with Meiji Restoration, though Japanese are not completely out of Confucianism.  The most dramatic departure from Confucianism comes from within China, where during the Cultural Revolution Confucianism was denounced as reactionary and as the root of feudalism in China for the last 2000 years.  Despite of Cultural Revolution’s violence, I suppose it was a good development.  The Chinese today are always worried that their society has become too immoral, too materialistic, and too selfish.  That’s not unlike the complaints we hear in the West, but then again it might not be a bad thing.  However, Confucianism still remains a huge cultural imprint and one simply cannot ignore it.

So Confucianism teaches that subjects must obey the rulers in a very strict hierarchy: son obey father, father obey the emperor, women obey husband or father, etc.  So you can see where this strict hierarchy of power might lead to problems.  However, the concept that one must live in accordance to one’s social hierarchy has a profound psychological component to it and which made it so successful, that is, it felt “natural”.  I use the word “natural” in the same sense as the Stoics used natural: according to Nature, or Human Nature, and Human Nature is rational.   It therefore becomes natural for a woman who is lesser than a man to obey a man, a son obey father; and the Emperor, who were treated as a god, the supreme authority, is obeyed by all.  Whether Confucianism is good or bad, I cannot judge; but it certainly has pre-established, as did Christianity and Islam, that a woman must submit to a man, and a subject must submit to the superior power.   It is actually quite true that just about any major religion or culture regards female submission as natural.

On the other hand, Confucianism not only applies the strict social hierarchy to asian women, but to all asians and even to asian geopoltical powers.  I suppose Confucianism is the psychological cause behind the way why east asians are so deferential to their American and Europrean conquerors, including why Japan has no self respect when fawning over Americans.  America is the most dominant country in the world, so those lesser asian nations all embrace America as the emperor of a divine entity.   Asians tend to worship America and treat Americans as kings or queens and to be honest, I don’t know which is worse, to be a rebelling race like the arabs who are independent and ferocious but poor and suffer from attacks on all sides, or to be an east asian who has no self respect, completely humiliated by americans but live materialistically wealthy lives and envied by inferior races such as the hispanics, or blacks or south east asians.

Hierarchy of race: And which now must carry us to the subject of the hierarchy of race of the world order.  Asians, especially East Asians, are not the most inferior race in the world.  I think given our status in the world in terms of economy, soft power, etc. we should be ranked as beta.  The white race is the alpha race, and the alpha race dominates over all the other races, and east asians are the most beloved race by the alpha race because physically we resemble the white race the most in terms of skin tone, especially the Japanese (a lot of Japanese are very European looking compared to the Chinese and Korean, though Chinese are more complicated, because you have Chinese Mongols, Uighur, Chinese Turks, and some other Northern Chinese such as the Manchus that look very “Russian” in appearance because they are so near Central Asia).  Furthermore east asians understand the role as the beta race, and we oblige to the demands of the alpha race.  It certainly sounds humiliating, but only humiliating before the alpha race.  In front of all other lesser races, the east asian race isn’t so bad.  Just as there are different types of Jews, there are different types of Asians.  So I think it is pretty rational that the following order would be true: Japanese as the most superior asiatic race, followed by Korean and Chinese, (the three of which comprise of East Asia) and after that the most inferior asian races are the southeast asians.  A lot of the very white looking southeast asians are mixed blood with white or Chinese or Japanese, but when you look at the aboriginal southeast asians you will realize why they are inferior.

Feminism: You will be surprised how many asian women actually think white women are the prettiest women in the world, and how many asian men actually secretly fetishize white women.  Remember the alpha race sets the standard of beauty, and certainly white women represent the standard of what it means to be beautiful.  But the problem is that feminism causes white women to resent being women, and the first time feminism started, western men looked to Russia to look for brides who are submissive and feminine.  It was not until the 1980s that western men started to marry asian women.

Personally I think feminism is completely wrong, and I can’t tolerate those feminists.  Contrary to popular beliefs, not all women are into feminism.  Feminism, in my opinion, will lead to unhappiness, depression and lonely lives, and no one need to tell the successful modern feminist white women those things, because they live their lives and they will die miserable bitches who hate their own gender.  I have tried feminism when I was in college, and I realized that feminism just filled me with resentment and made me an angry shrew.  After that I decided to never try feminism again.

Now, back to what I was talking about.  Being more feminine and submissive is therefore measured in relation to the white women.  Whereas most east asian women are still comfortable in their natural roles as women, it just appears that we are more submissive and more feminine, but it’s only because white women started to “unsex” themselves.  Most asian women are actually very insecure about themselves and they are constantly worried that they are not as pretty as white girls or as civilized as the west.

I am not saying there is no feminism in East Asia.  There is, but the funny thing is that most east asian women think they are revolting against patriarchy by marrying white men and they end up being treated as the subservient china dolls that they rebelled against.  It’s actually quite hilarious.  Though I don’t want to start a whole different topic by this remark.  I will address the asian female-white male coupling phenomenon later on.

a misconception: yellow fever does NOT exist: according to Columbia professor of economics Ray Fishman, a white male’s dating preference for asian females does not exist at all; on the other hand, it is the asian female who is preferential in mating with white men.